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Al Jeemi

This is Al Jeemi data of ADNOC Fuel Stations Directory.

Guid: 017
Sr no: 17
English name: Al Jeemi
Arabic name: الجيمي
Station number: 857
Working hours: 24 Hrs
Service street: Near Carrefour
Location: Al Ain - Al Khabeesi Area(near Carefour)
Phone number: +971 3-7634940
Fax number: 02-6945666
P o box: #4188
X coordinate: 55.719978°
Y coordinate: 24.245476°
Custodian cf relationship: Owner/Operator
Custodian cf id: 857
Type of record: A
Service station status: Active
Station type: New
C store: Y
Unleaded gasoline 91: Y
Unleaded gasoline 95: Y
Unleaded gasoline 98: N
Natural gas for vehicles: N
Kerosine: N
Diesel: Y
Liquefied petroleum gas lpg: Y
Oil change: Y
Auto service occupied: N
Auto service vacant: N
Fast food tenant occupied: Y
Fast food tenant vacant: N
Rahal top up: Y
Salik tags: N
Salik top up: Y
Etisalat sim: Y
Etisalat top up: Y
Du sim: Y
Du top up: Y
Atm in occupied: Y
Atm vacant: Y
Debit credit card: Y
Manual car wash: N
Car wash automatic: Y
Area name: Al Ain